About us

Very Welcome to My Persian World…

Me and my family enjoy our “little” house. In the middle of the beautiful “Änglagårds” area around Ulricehamn.

Our dog Bonzo (an German Shepard) and our cats enjoys their life, in the country.

“My life is my hobby,” said a well-known artist for a few years ago, in a personal story.
And I totally understand and agree with this, because my cats are both my “life” and my hobby.

I’m practically born into the cat world – for my father was also he a great cat lover. Not to mention large parts of the wide family down in southern Sweden.

My dream as a child were to ever own a cat with a long, soft fur that I could cuddle up with. Just the thought of getting to feel the warmth, enjoy the smell of the kitten fur and be able to dream myself away to the sound of a muffled purr – kept my hope alive.

And since 1988 I have actually every day been able to do just that. Because then I brought home my very first Persian kitten. A blackturtle female. S * Bubbles of Shiraz was her name.
But to me she was only Tussan.
And on Christmas Day 1990 at two o´clock in the afternoon in the middle of Mary Poppins at TV, little Tussan born into the world her first little kittens. And I do not know who was the happiest – Me or the cat.

4 cute little kittens grew up and became to the same big joy for their new owners as they were for me.
The only female in the litter – a blueturtlesmoke, I just could not be separated from.
As little kitten and against all odds – she survived the “nature’s sometimes cruel laws”.
After much anxiety, care, and struggling as it was – she’s the cat that will forever hold a special place in my heart.

She was therefore named Baby Blue and laid the foundation of Ladyhawk’s Persian.
Therefore, she now proudly decorate my home page.

For some years thereafter, I put my cats on different shows along with the owners of the other kittens. A fun and educational time. But then I took a long pause, almost 20 years.

Over the years, several small loyal life companions lives and destinys passed in review. In my eyes, all equally lovely and wonderful.
Yes, all they have by their personality and special characteristics left their small “tracks in the sand”.

My little Baby Blue – Höna Böna called, lived for 17.5 years.

And the last day of her life, she was put to sleep peacefully in her home, lying in my arms.

Just as I had promised her.

Now, my interest for my own breeding has woken up again and I want to give the opportunity and privilege to other cat lovers to own, learn about and to see the Persian Cat – this gorgeous cat with its “heart of gold” …..with the same eyes as me.