I-Catchers Caviar Jr

20-i-catchers-caviar-jr-5045-2Pure Persian

Born 2014-06-28 PER n
Sire Sha-Sume Caviar of I-Catchers PER n
Dam Validian Chanel in Blue PER a
Pedigree-FindUs PKD1 Free by DNA

I-Catchers Lord of Caviar

Pure Persian

Born 2015-02-01 PER n
Sire Sha-Sume´Caviar of I-Catchers PER n
Dam Wiccacats Marhyssa of I-Catchers PER g
Pedigree-FindUs PKD1 Free By DNA

S*Ladyhawk’s You’re My No1
* Champion *

11 Ville_ (2)

Born 2012-04-20 PER e 03 22
Sire IC S*Categoris P.S.I Love You PER a 03 22
Dam IDP*Millchristas Engla PER g 22

S*Ladyhawk´s Dallas
* Champion *

Yvonne and Dallas

 S*Ladyhawk´s Dallas   BIS Breed/Male  

S*Ladyhawk´s BIS/Breeding   VK Gothenburgh 20180915

1x Dallas (3)

Born 2013-08-27 PER a 03 22
Sire S* Catspurr´s Charlie PER d
Dam S* Ladyhawk´s Mixed Emotions PER g 03 22
20180817 Pedigree-FindUs

HCM Screened, without remark

 My former studs and ancestors of my cats and my Breeding

…today they have got new loving homes…

S*Categoris P.S.I Love You
* International Champion *

Kotten 20130929 VK - Kopia

Born 2009-10-19 PER a 03 22
Sire S*Sanzanovas Lucky Star PER a 01 21
Dam Persika PER ns 22 62
  Pedigree – FindUs
HCM Normal 20110220 PKD1 Free by DNA

S* Catspurr´s Charlie

Charlie x

Born 2011-04-23 PER d
Sire S* Catspurr´s Born to be wild PER d
Dam S* Whistle Stop´s O.M.G. PER f
Pedigree-FindUs PKD1 Free by DNA

IDP* Golden Angel´s Kalle Kula


Born 2007-09-15 PER n 03
Sire Walley Cat´s Elvis Exo n 03 22 VAR
Dam Pretty Woman´s Moonflower PER f
HCM Normal 20110220 PKD1 Free by DNA